Hypnotherapy in London



I found it to be an fantastic experience having sessions with Adam. He is extremely knowledge not just in the field of hypnosis but also in psychology, neuroscience, yoga, meditation and more.

It was all of this knowledge together that informed the sessions and I enjoyed working with a mix of modalities. Adam is a very patient, calm, professional and kind practitioner and I would recommend his services highly.



I worked with Adam on a number of issues that I've been struggling with since childhood. He was very understanding and patient, letting me deal with things at my own speed. I felt very at ease during our sessions and have made a lot of progress.



Had hypnosis with Adam a couple of weeks ago, he was brilliant, am smoke free for the first time in ages. Have had no cravings since the session and am exercising more and drinking lots of water. Really nice relaxing setting and habit is kicked in one session. 2 Months Later: Still off cigarettes and it’s been nearly 2 months now! Not a craving!



Thank you so much! It was gorgeous to be with myself, totally relaxed and connecting with myself. My breath, my emotions, it is lovely.

Thank you, Love, Ann


Felt very relaxed and calm, was able to fully engage to the session and feel like it has helped overcome my phobia. Thank you.



Feel more relaxed and calm, feel much happier in myself :)



Very relaxing, feeling positive - Adam really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable whilst addressing my issues - highly recommend



Great to finally experience hypnosis! Left me feeling energised. Thank you.



A great session - I felt extremely relaxed and confident with Adam and I look forward to seeing my phobia reducing!



Lost for words how good these few minutes were. I got very emotional and already I’m feeling different… THANK YOU!



Exceeded my expectations, excellent experience and know where to pursue further.



I loved it! Would like to do a follow up



It has been great. I would like to have more sessions. I just feel so relaxed right now. Thank you very much



Very intense, I loved it.



Great experience, enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you!



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